Useful Model Railroad Scenery Techniques

Building model railroad scenery is one of the most interesting hobbies you can have. Not only does it allow you to use unlimited creativity, it lets you bring an era back to life. For example, if you decide to build a layout that depicts the early 1900’s, you will be able to go back in time, research and read up on those days and then recreate them in miniature. Imagine how many hours and days of fun that will be! You can even involve your family and friends by making a project out of it.

So, now that you have actually sat down to start constructing your model railroad from scratch, here are some model railroad scenery techniques that will make your task a lot easier. Read ahead to learn:

model railroad scenery tips

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Natural Fallen Leaves

Do you have a backyard? Or a park nearby? Problem resolved. All you need to do is go leaf hunting. Search up the driest leaves and bring back a bag full. If you are unable to find dry leaves, you can pick any fallen leaves, bring them home, and microwave them on a low setting. This will dry them out and then you can use them. Once you have the dry leaves, you simply have to spin them in a blender. These ground-up leaves can then be used wherever you want to show leaf or grass covered ground. Not only is this method inexpensive, it is also completely lifelike.

Rock Formations

Rocks are an essential part of a model railroad, irrespective of which era you choose as your theme. There are dozens of ways in which you can show a rock formation. You can choose the easy way and simply pick up choice rocks from outside your house and glue them together or you can use more ingenious methods. One way to form a rock formation is to break a few tiles and stack them up in the best combination possible. You can use a hot glue gun to stick them together. To make them look natural paint them with a stiff plaster mix first and then with an earthy brown color.


When building a model railroad, most people think that they won’t be able to put in cars that have working headlights. But this is not impossible. All you would need to do is take plastic dinky cars or Hot Wheels cars, and drill their headlights out. In place of the headlights, put Minitronic bulbs. You can use these blubs for other lights in your layout too.

Go 3D

If you want to display a modern theme of contemporary times or some futuristic model, then you can make some 3D signboards. How can you do this? You would have to start with normal billboard sign. For example, if you are making a billboard for a shoe store, then cut up some shoe advertisement and paste it on your billboard. After this, take two small doll shoes, drill a very small hole in them and insert a flexible wire through. You can either drill or stick this wire to your billboard. Keep the wire as long or as short as you want the shoe to stick out from the sign. Voila, you have a 3D signboard! This is one of many model railroad scenery techniques available.

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